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Who’s laughing now??? HAHAHAH
Olly Murs says sorry to Taylor Swift…

You shouldn’t need to be saying sorry, because you shouldn’t have said what you did in the first place. Taylor herself has said time and time again that she hates when people try to make jokes of her songwriting. I don’t care if you were “joking around about your mate”. She is a real human being and she puts her real feelings into her songs and there’s no joke to be made about that. That goes for anyone, famous or not.

For God’s sake. He’s not even apologizing. He’s brushing off the blame, saying it was just a joke and that he was making a comment about his mate (as if being mates with someone was a free ticket to be absolutely rude to other people). Not to mention that he actually says he blames the radio people for having a laugh with him and says he doesn’t know why Taylor hasn’t publicly acknowledged his apology (as if she had to do that!). Taylor never said herself this song was about Harry, so he was making a rude comment based on pure speculation. Saying sorry does not make for an apology, if you keep excusing yourself with the kind of chit chat he just presented. Ridiculous, really. If what he said made me have a terrible image of him, this just made it worse. 

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1989 track 1-6 and bonus track…


Rosso-Comedian: Just interviewed Taylor Swift and my little man Bugsy sang her Shake it Off and then he snagged a hug. Taylor is the best. (x)

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But the monsters turned out to be just trees
When the sun came up
You were looking at me

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Aang and Sokka playing Airball

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Anonymous asked: who do you think deserves to meet taylor?



The people that have met her, the people that have never met her, new fans, old fans, fans that have been there from Tim McGraw to fans that just started liking her a day ago. 

Even the people that ‘hate’ her because if they ever get the chance to meet her i know for sure their opinions will change because i know that once you meet her how could anyone possibly hate her. 

everyone i  the god damn world deserves to meet her!

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Aang: “I don’t see why not.”

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